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    Curious as to what home improvements will reap the best return on investment when it comes time to sell?  It’s a popular belief to think that bathrooms and kitchen sell the house, and while in many instances this may be true (who doesn’t love a gorgeous kitchen and bathroom?), there are several other things to consider improving first.

    Curb appeal is huge.  If the outside of your house doesn’t look desirable, it may be hard to even get potFront-Yard-Curb-Appealential buyers to want to see what the inside has to offer.  Replacing siding offers a significant recoup,  according to a study done by Remodeling Magazine – about 92.8%!  And with siding being low maintenance, it’s an added bonus for those buyers who are cost conscious.

    More importantly than that even is keeping your current structure sound.  Things like leaking roofs,  bad water heaters, poor plumbing, and old inefficient windoMan-and-Leaking-Roofws will trump even the best of kitchens to a potential buyer.  Having the essentials in the house taken care of gives great peace of mind to buyers, and makes it easier for them to picture themselves putting money towards more cosmetic issues they may want to address.

    If you are living in an older home, added bathrooms and bonus rooms offer a lot of appeal – especially if the additions make the house stand out from the others available in the same area.  Older homes tend to not come with as many bathrooms as a lot of the newer built homes, and can be a downfall to a potential sale.

    If you’ve got all of these essentials taken care of, go for that upgraded kitchen and bathroom! But be sure that the cost of upgrades make sense with the value of your home in the immediate neighborhood where you live.  Find more great tips and pointers here!  http://www.hgtv.com/design/decorating/clean-and-organize/which-home-improvements-pay-off?soc=sharefb

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