First Time Home Buyers!

    Are you looking to buy your first house?  Here’s a quick recap of a helpful little video found here with some great tips!

    Things to keep in mind when buying your first house…

    1. Location.  This is unchangeable, so make sure you find the neighborhood appealing, that the area is good for potential resale, and if you have kids, that the house is close to good schools!

    2.  Size.  Be practical when it comes to size!

    3.  Structure.  Are you wanting a townhouse or condo?  Or are you leaning towards a single family home?  Single family homes may offer more privacy, but a townhouse or condo will require less yard maintenance since that is handled by an HOA.

    4.  Move in Ready or Fixer-Upper?   If you’re a good DIYer, you can get some great deals on a home that needs a little fixing!  However, if that’s not your forte and not something you’re willing to invest time and money into – you may want to steer clear, and focus more on a move in ready home.


    Give us a call, any of our Licensees here at Core Real Estate Group LLC would love to assist you.  Whether this be your first home buying experience, or you’ve been through it all before – our experienced Professionals are here for you!!  907-622-3948


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