Bathroom Upgrades!

    Let’s talk bathrooms!  It’s one out of two rooms in the house people are quick to spend their time and money on fixing up and updating.  And you know how the saying goes, “bathrooms and kitchens sell a house”.  Check out these 7 bathroom renovations that pay off!

    1.  Tub.  Don’t go spending thousands of dollars replacing your tub.  Instead, reglaze it!  Reglazing is a fraction of the cost and will leave it looking new again!

    2.  Sink.  It’s the first thing a buyer will notice when entering your bathroom, so spend a couple of hundred dollars and get a new, contemporary sink.

    3.  Tile.  Don’t go trendy here.  Instead think more along the lines of neutrals and something timeless – that way your choices will appeal to a broader range of people.

    4.  Lighting.  This is something cheap and easy that will give your bathroom a great facelift!  Dated light fixtures can be a big turn off to a buyer, so this is a simple must-do update!

    5.  Vanities.  No one wants to battle their significant other in the mornings over the sink!  A double vanity is one of the main things buyers state as a “must have” – making this a great investment!!

    6.  Fixtures.  Another cheap and easy update!!  Replace those old towel bars, drawer handles and door knobs.  You’ll be surprised how much this can improve the look of your bathroom.

    7.  Toilets.  According to the article on, “old toilets use 6 gallons of water per flush, gobbling up about 30% of all residential water in U.S. homes.”  Swap out that old water guzzling toilet, for a water friendly new model.  The money you spend initially will be more than covered when it comes the saving you will see on your water bill month after month!

    Check out the full article here!

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